JE Hartley are pea-sed with the work carried out by Suprafilt

JE Hartley are pea-sed with the work carried out by Suprafilt

A new fine bubble diffused aeration system was installed within five-day window at JE Hartley vegetable processing plant.

The processing plant, based in Thorganby near York, has been processing frozen vegetables for over 60 years. The processing plant has an aerobic wastewater treatment plant, that required a new aeration system fitting into one of the two sequence batch reactors (SBR), to ensure optimum oxygen transfer for the aerobic wastewater treatment process, whilst minimising air blower power consumption.

The existing aeration system had come to the end of optimum life expectancy, with a number of performance issues reported, including split diffusers, which allowed sludge to enter into pipework system causing loss of air transfer efficiency.

Suprafilt were subcontracted by MSE Systems to manufacture the new aeration system, to ensure both SBR tanks were fully operational as quickly as possible to meet peak production demands.

Between May and June, high volumes of wastewater are created as a result of the 24/7 field pea season – which is regarded as one of the busiest times of the year.

Field pea processing season within the UK is typically only 6 weeks, from harvest to freezer.

Suprafilt manufactured and installed a fine bubble diffused aeration system during late summer 2019, in readiness of the Christmas order period and 2020 pea season.

Efficient aeration and transfer of oxygen to the microbes within the SBR tank is a vital integral part of the wastewater treatment process, providing aerobic reduction of sugars and other biological pollutants within an environmentally safe and energy efficient way.

Mark Davies, Sales Manager at MSE Systems Ltd, said: “The aeration refit went smoothly from start to finish.

“Suprafilt completed a great job within a five-day turnaround to the satisfaction of ourselves and importantly our client. It was critical that the tank was operational as soon as possible.

“We are very satisfied with the standard of work Suprafilt have completed to date, and we would not hesitate to partner again. Any challenges we have come across along the way Suprafilt have always addressed and are the type of company we strive to partner with.”

Jonathan Lord, Contracts Manager at Suprafilt, said: “Well done to all involved. The project was designed, manufactured and installed on time. It is testament to our knowledge and expertise that we have been able to deliver a system that has not only improved the treatment process but has also minimised downtime at the plant.”

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