Sonoco paper – Halifax

Sonoco paper – Halifax

A build-up of thick chalky calcium carbonate proved a messy job for the Suprafilt team.

The aeration specialists were called in to remove the chalky subject which was choking the plastic pipework and preventing the existing system from working and interrupting production at a paper mill in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Graeme Fielden, Sales Director at Suprafilt, said: “There was a massive build-up of calcium carbonate in the tank, that was getting in the pipes and blowing the diffusers.

“The tanks weren’t aerating at all because of the build-up and were therefore interrupting the paper and cardboard recycling process at the paper mill.”

The sheer weight and thickness of the limescale was crushing the plastic pipework and lining the walls, floor and hardware within the tanks.

After conducting an indepth report into the cause of the build up, Suprafilt were commissioned to supply a blower manifold, tank and header system, and fit new valves. The company declined to go with the suggested improvements to the process.

In each of the two tanks, 852 9-inch diffusers coated in PTFE were installed, to try to minimise the build-up of calcium carbonate.

As well as a stronger stainless-steel pipework solution, all fabricated and installed by Suprafilt’s in-house team, a tapered floor was also installed to help with the cleaning of the tanks.

The installation time was just four week and the work was completed on time and to schedule.



Project Overview

Value: £79,265

Client: Sonoco Paper Mill

Delivery Contractor: Suprafilt