Waste water treatment systems

At Suprafilt we’re experts in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of complete fixed and liftable fine bubble aeration systems including blowers, valves, diffusers, instruments, airmain pipework and lagging.

Offering the complete package solution ensures that all items are products are compatible.  We can advise and assist with regard to control systems and control philosophy as well as offer a total process guarantee for the entire aeration system.

This also saves our customers time and trouble.

All projects are managed under the control of our ISO9001 approved procedures and all design and site works strictly controlled with regard to Health and Safety and CDM.

Our focus us on delivering projects efficiently, by staying at the forefront of technical advances, while taking down any barriers to getting the job done.

We’re driven, professional, flexible and approachable. We win and retain customers through reliably high service levels and the quality of our work.

Complete Aeration Solutions

We are experts in aeration technology and supply a full range of products from complete fixed systems through to replacement membranes for all brands of diffuser.

Whether new build or retrofit, and from design through to installation and commissioning, we work in partnership with our customers to provide efficient and effective fine bubble solutions that meet their specific needs.


We are experts in the design and fabrication of stainless steel pipework and pressure vessels. Having our own, on site fabrication facility allows us to offer customers a full solutions. Our facilities is equipped with state-of-the-art energy efficient welding machinery and is staffed by skilled craftsmen. Our pipework can be found in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our engineers are experts in design and fabrication and adhere to the highest quality standards. We manufacture all stainless steel piping on site in Lancashire by our highly skilled coded welders.  The pipework is purged and passivated ensuring a high quality external appearance with a smooth internal bead.


Today’s biological processes demand reliable and energy efficient mixing of Anoxic Zones as well as specific tanks and storage. Suprafilt has partnerships with some of the world’s largest manufacturers of pumps and mixers meaning we’re able to offer a full range of pumps and mixers to our customers.

Liftable Grids

Suprafilt is the market leader in retrievable aeration grid systems, which enable diffusers to be cleaned and maintained without the need to interrupt the process or drain the tank.


Suprafilt offer a range of high efficiency, fine bubble aeration diffusers – including disc diffusers, tube diffusers and plate diffusers.

Disc diffusers are the most common, available in 7, 9 and 12 inch diameters with EPDM or PTFE coated membranes.

Tube diffusers are available with stainless steel or polypropylene bodies, and with EPDM or PTFE coated membranes. Tube diffusers are the ideal solution for liftable grid systems.

Plate diffusers are available in 0.1ms and 0.2 metre squared and available with EPDM or polyurethane membranes. Our plate diffusers are high efficiency and well suited to high density installations or high-loaded plants.

Nereda Internals

Suprafilt are the UK market leader with many installations behind us. We are the specialist in design, manufacture and installation of complete Nereda Internal systems. Nereda is a patented process of Royal HaskoningDHV

Oxidation Ditches

Suprafilt have installed many solutions for both fixed lift and liftable grid systems in oxidation ditches and with flow inducers, upgrade of oxidation ditches from surface aerators is a speciality.