Drinks processing plant using less juice thanks to Suprafilt

Drinks processing plant

A beverage processing plant has seen a significant reduction in power demand at their wastewater plant since upgrading its aeration system.

The plant has upgraded its mechanical mixers to fine bubble aeration – and have seen a dramatic reduction is energy costs and expenditure since changing to the new system.

The company, which packages a range of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, requested MSE Systems to provide an energy efficient solution whilst also increase their aeration treatment capacity.

MSE Systems partnered with Suprafilt to design an efficient fine bubble diffuser system that has returned a greater than 50% power reduction when compared to the previous system.

Lancashire-based Suprafilt were sub-contracted to deliver the new aeration system. The team replaced the two 37kw pump mixers and 45kw surface aerator.

These were replaced with a fixed grid fine bubble disc diffuser system and a single 30kw high efficiency blower.

Mark Davies, Sales Manager at MSE Systems Ltd, said: “The energy reduction and increase in future aeration capacity were two main drivers for the upgrade.”

The beverage company was more than happy with the power since we installed the new system.

“The existing high power demand mechanical system was upgraded with an alternative more efficient oxygen transfer system”

“We have worked with Suprafilt on other projects and although we are not tied to one contractor, we asked them to quote for this job because we know that they provide excellent solutions. The quality of the install cannot be faulted.”

Hannah Nolan, Operations Director at Suprafilt, said: “We are delighted to have worked with MSE again on this project and it is always great to be working with industrial clients to reduce their energy use and their carbon footprint.”