Suprafilt dramatically reduced their installation time on site – by using the newly introduced DfMA framework model.

This model meant all components for the complete Nereda system at Morecambe would be built off site and partially assembled prior to arrival at site.

The aeration specialist, who have carried out a number of Nereda internal installations across the UK, were commissioned by C2V plus on behalf of United Utilities for their waste water treatment works at Morecambe.

The large-scale project included blowers, blower manifold, tank heads and all the Nereda internals at a new site.

Graeme Fielden, Sales Director, said: “It was specified on the contract of the assembly that we had to adopt the DfMA framework model – which was a completely new way of working for us.

“The challenge was if it was built off site and any of the measurements were out even slightly, it wouldn’t fit together.

“During the project we learnt how precise the tolerances needed to, how to make the best use of the space in the factory when manufacturing and assembling the items, and the most efficient way to transport the various modules to site.

“Although it was a steep learning curve for all of us, we knew we had to reduce the installation time on such a complex installation.”

Suprafilt said the project went smoothly, and their partnership approach with the client led to shared use of cranage and machinery to further reduce costs and traffic on site.

Project Overview

Value: £1.8million

Client: United Utilities

Delivery Contractor: C2V Plus