Rigorous testing in Barcelona helped to prove the competency of Suprafilt’s high efficiency diffusers.

To win a contract to overhaul the waste water treatment works at Oldham’s sewage works, Suprafilt had to prove that their diffusers would work effectively in deeper tanks than normal due to the limited footprint at the Oldham site.

The test results proved that Suprafilt’s solution would work at the United Utilities site.

Two other sewage treatment works in Oldham and Royton were due to be diverted to the new Oldham site – resulting in an increase capacity and need for the site to be efficient.

Suprafilt were comissioned by main contractor Black and Veach to provide a full fine bubble diffuser aeration system – including turbo blowers, tank manifold, tank heads, valves and diffusers.

The 7 lane ‘Serpentine’ take, measuring 33m long and 7m wide with a depth of 7.4m, was tapered with three aeration zones in each tank. The work was completed in stages between October 2018 and April 2019, upgrading four lanes initially to ensure the site was still live during the work.

The £905,000 package included 8,890 9-inch disc diffusers, which were fitted by Suprafilt’s installation team. All the pipework and fabrication were also carried out in-house by the experienced team.

Graeme Fielden, Sales Director, said: “This job was challenging due to the delays between the order and starting the project. All the pipework and blowers were fabricated and had to be stored at the factory for two years which created logistical issues. The work has now all been completed on site and tested and successfully dealing with the increased flow from the other sites.”


Project Overview

Value: £905,000

Client: United Utilities

Delivery Contractor: Black and Veach